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Surveying Services

Trotter and Associates maintains two fully equipped survey crews in addition to a Professional Land Surveyor. Our survey crew chiefs are Lee Myers and John Pfortmiller who have 31 and 21 years of experience respectively. Ted Bergeson Sr. is a Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor with forty plus years of experience.

Our crews utilize the Trimble GPS for GIS data collection and topographic surveying providing accuracy within one tenth of a foot vertically and within hundredths of a foot horizontally. Where additional accuracy is required, such as construction layout, TAI utilizes a robotic total station, which provides sub-centimeter accuracy.

In addition, each member of Trotter and Associates, Inc.’s professional staff has a strong survey background. Most of the TAI team members have spent more than two years on a survey crew. Trotter and Associates, Inc. provides a complete range of survey services including:


  • Topographic Survey
  • Route Surveying
  • Foundation Surveys
  • Construction Layout
  • Land Surveying
  • As-Built Surveys


TAI’s approach to topographic survey is to include the lead designer responsible for the base files to coordinate the survey crew. As a result, our team is more efficient as the team leader knows exactly what information is necessary for the project. This eliminates survey of unnecessary areas and/ or missing important data that is critical to the design.

Similarly, construction staking and layout is managed by our resident engineer. The R.E. is the individual in charge of the project on site and is most familiar with the project schedule. The contractors also prefer this arrangement as they are in constant communication with the R.E. and obtaining the required information is streamlined. When the resident engineer/ inspector performs the construction layout, he is better prepared to check the contractors work as they progress and can avoid potential conflicts in the field.