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Watershed, Stormwater & Floodplain Management Services

Trotter and Associates, Inc. staff is highly skilled in the technical and non-technical aspects of stormwater engineering and floodplain management.  Trotter and Associates, Inc.'s team of professionals excel at planning design and implementing functional and environmentally friendly stormwater solutions. This is completed through the combination of experienced staff using the latest tools and software in the surface water industry.  Our team has significant experience in the following areas of water resources management:


Stormwater Master Planning & Analysis

Stream Restoratoin & Bank Stabilization

Floodplain Mapping and FEMA Coordination

Lake & Pond Management

Watershed Master Plans (IEPA/FEMA Certified)

Wetland Mitigation Plans

Community-Scale Green Infrastructure Planning

Dam Removal / Fish Passage

Site-Scale Green Infrastructure BMP Design & Evaluation

Hydrologic / Hydraulic / Water Quality Modeling

Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction Plans


Regulatory Permitting (404/401 Permits; NPDES Phase II, IDNR, IHPA, etc.)



Our staff are recognized as certified Stormwater Review Specialists by Kane County and have obtained Certified Floodplain Manager credentials by the Association of State Floodplain Managers for work in our region’s flood-prone areas. TAI has completed all facets of planning, design, permitting and construction oversight of stormwater projects from simple lot-scale stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) as rain gardens to large scale watershed plans such as Tyler and Nippersink Creeks, which encompass several municipalities.  As the industry and public at large are starting to understand the negative impacts of stormwater runoff from our developed areas into our local rivers, creeks, and wetlands, TAI has stayed on the forefront of stormwater management by incorporating green infrastructure practices to its projects whenever possible.  As a company that was founded on treating water as a resource, TAI recognizes that our region’s water resources must be maintained and protected from degradation.  To that end, the staff at TAI strives to protect natural areas through project avoidance whenever possible and design its projects to minimize the impacts of the built-up landscape on the surrounding environment.  TAI has experience with a wide range of green infrastructure/BMPs, including natural buffers, filter strips, bioretention basins, infiltration basins, rain gardens, permeable pavement, and rainwater harvesting.

TAI is often consulted to assist clients with projects that require state or federal permits.  TAI staff are well respected by regulatory agencies such as the IEPA, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and IL Department of Natural Resources.  Our staff are able to readily resolve hurdles associated with permitting projects in or adjacent to rivers, streams, and wetlands.  TAI also has an excellent relationship with local communities and their review staff and we are confident in our ability to resolve/negotiate offsite stormwater issues.

TAI has implemented a variety of detention/retention design alternatives including sub surface storage.  The construction cost, environmental benefits and long term maintenance costs for each alternative should be reviewed during the conceptual design phase to determine the best alternative for each specific project.  

TAI also has experience in the rehabilitation of storm sewer systems.  TAI has designed and specified both conventional as well as trenchless technologies for the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure.  This experience will be invaluable during evaluation of existing infrastructure.

The project team also has completed projects involving the protection, remediation and mitigation of existing wetlands and special management areas. We are able to address drainage concerns and permitting issues within these protected areas.  We are also familiar with the maintenance requirements including annual burns, silt removal and rehabilitation of inlet and outlet structures.

TAI has experience working on everything from small-scale, “gray infrastructure” storm sewer and flood control projects to large scale watershed planning projects.  In addition to stormwater infrastructure engineering, our staff also has expertise in stream and river restoration, including stream channel and streambank stabilization as well as dam removal/modification; projects that are increasingly important to protect the ecological integrity of our local stream network.


“…all that rain on Friday stayed exactly where it belonged, in the retention areas.  All the retention areas around us were in use during that storm, but the building stayed high and dry.  Without your planning and engineering design, I’m sure we would have needed a boat to get in and out, but the drainage was perfect … Kudos to the City of St. Charles and Trotter and Associates.” – Jerry Bleck, Director Tri-Com

All stormwater submittals and reviews include a project narrative that not only details existing conditions, but provides and in depth explanation, the results and the means and methodology used during the process. TAI couples all quantitative data with a comprehensive report that is clear and easily referenced.


The staff at Trotter & Associates, Inc. are constantly sharing their experiences in municipal infrastructure management through public speaking engagements and presenting at technical conferences.  Below are PDFs of recent presentations given: