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Subdivision and Development Review

Trotter and Associates Inc. is a service oriented firm and strives to provide timely review responses.  TAI's review staff has experience as municipal employees and understands each community's requirements and processes.  TAI has strong working relationships with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies as well and understand each agency’s jurisdiction and regulations.  

It is important to note that over 86% of TAI’s workload has been for government agencies, and the other 14% is from private work. Of the 14%, over two thirds of the workload is from several different private utilities companies and railroads.  TAI prevents conflict of interest situations by avoiding work for private developers where a conflict could arise.

Development Review Process

TAI staff has experience as municipal engineers completing plan distribution, review, and consolidation of comments.  We accomplish this by utilizing the following methodology

  • Catalog and Inventory Submittal
  • Distribute Plans to Necessary Parties
  • Determine Effects of Developments in regards to following Categories


      • Municipality’s
        • Existing Infrastructure
        • Comprehensive and Master Plans      
        • Previous Agreements (Recapture / Annexation)
        • Historic Preservation
        • Special Management Areas (Wetland, Floodway and Floodplain)
        • Residents and Special Interest Groups
        • Jurisdictional Agencies (Federal, State, County & Surrounding Communities)
  • Compile review comments and resolve conflicting comments
  • Provide clear and concise response to the applicant

Ordinance and Design Standards

Trotter and Associates, Inc. has worked with several municipal clients to develop and update their design standards. These definitive ordinances and design specifications expedite the review process and clearly delineates developer's responsibilities.    These materials are made available to potential developers in both hard copy and electronic format.